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From www.challengerlifts.com:

Challenger Lifts has been in the car lifts marketplace for over 28 years. We specialize in the design, manufacture and distribution of a comprehensive line of superior car lifts, jacks and auto lift accessories in our 140,000 square foot Louisville, KY manufacturing facility.


Our innovative product design sets us apart from the rest of the car lifts industry. And it's what continues to drive important advances like our exclusive Versymmetric® Technology, the industry’s first front and rear 3-stage arm two post car lift, the most environmentally friendly automotive lift on the market – the AV1020series inground car lifts powered by AquaVantage (air and water), the inground car lifts with the widest drive through in the industry, the 4 post lift with the highest rise in the industry and other innovative vehicle lift products. Check out more Leading Innovation here.


As the technology leader, it's no surprise that Challenger Lifts continues to experience rapid growth, and that we've gained acceptance in the service repair programs of every major automotive manufacturer. It’s no secret that we provide quality, innovative car lifts products, but it’s the people and processes of Challenger that earn its share in the automotive lift marketplace.


We are dedicated to hiring skilled employees, carefully selecting materials through our quality control processes, putting every product through rigorous factory testing by our engineering team, ensuring car lifts meet strict safety standards and to providing personal service to each customer once our vehicle lifts leave our facility.


To ensure high-quality product standards and our commitment to promoting the safe design, construction and use of car lifts, Challenger Lifts is an active board member of the Automotive Lift Institute. The ALI conducts a rigorous certification program, performed by an independent third party called ETL. Members must adhere to strict ANSI industry standards to market auto lifts bearing the “Gold Label” of the ANSI Accredited ALI Automotive Lift Certification Program. This Certification Program is a tremendous financial investment for participating companies to certify the quality, safety and reliability of their products while upholding the integrity of the industry. [ALI Gold Label]


Challenger Lifts provides many value added benefits to its customers:

  • ALI active member
  • An exciting, innovative comprehensive line of vehicle lift equipment
  • Free Auto CAD shop renderings
  • Authorized Installer and Service School
  • Growth opportunities with the Preferred Distributor Program (PDP)
  • Marketing and Sales support
  • Dedication to safety, quality automotive lift product and personal service


Challenger Lifts is the recognized Automotive Lift Technological Leader. To meet the needs of our customers, we are committed to designing, manufacturing and distributing the most advanced technological car lifts products in the industry. So discover the advantage of innovation.



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