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ProGuard Plus

The Coats ProGuard Plus Leverless Tire Changer takes the effort out of servicing large low-profile and run-flat tires.

Coats, the world leader in tire changing technology, has developed a faster, easy-to-use tire changer specifically engineered for oversized, run-flat, and low-profile applications. The Coats ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer features a revolutionary design that reduces the risk of tire or rim damage associated with changing low-profile and run-flat tires. In addition to leverless operation, the ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer has built-in features that take the strain out of tire changing: lifting, prepping, bead loosening, mounting, and de-mounting can all be done with easy-to-use controls from a single operator location. Take the effort and risk out of changing low-profile, run-flat, and large diameter tires with the Coats ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer. 

Features include:

Leverless Power Duckhead® Bead Lifter 

The leverless design eliminates traditional tire tools that can mar the surface due to application difficulty or operator error. This results in a more controlled mount/de-mount process, flexing the beads just enough for removal or installation.

Pneumatic Wheel Clamping System

The pneumatic wheel clamping system is faster and easier than manual systems and provides more reliable and consistent clamping force to prevent slippage.

Dual Bead Roller System

We've added a bottom roller to the bead roller system to increase your productivity.  This system increases changing speed and capability, makes the unit match mount capable, and the bottom roller remains in place and can be used to demount the bottom bead.

Built-in Adjustable Wheel Lift

Controlled through an easy-to-reach pedal, the automated wheel lift eliminates the strenuous process of manually placing heavy tire and wheel assemblies on the pedestal.

Robo-Arm® Helper Device

This powered assist device is a must have for mounting run-flat and low-profile tires. The Robo-Arm effortlessly keeps the top bead in the drop center while servicing even the toughest applications.

Semi-automatic Top Roller Indexing

Allows for faster bead dislodgement without risk of wheel marring.  Automatically clears rim flange without prompting or actuation, making the bead loosening operation faster and far less prone to wheel contact.

Auxiliary Bead Depressor

The auxiliary bead depressor is an assist tool that locks into the tower assembly to help keep the bead in the drop center.  Additional bead depressor keeps the bead in the drop center, reducing the risk of damaging the tire.  This also alleviates the stress on the operator and the machine by ensuring the bead stays in the proper location.  Unlike other systems, the auxiliary bead depressor does not come in contact with the face and/or the spokes of the rim.


ProGuard Plus Product Brochure
ProGuard Plus Product Brochure.pdf
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ProGuard Plus Operation Manual
ProGuard Plus Operation Manual.pdf
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ProGuard Plus Parts Manual
ProGuard Plus Parts Manual.pdf
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