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Vero V200

Industrial Touchscreen

  • Weight Location Recognition System offers touch-free operation for 85% of wheel balances.
  • Rugged, industrial grade touchscreen system built to last.
  • Resistive Touch Technology means gloves are no problem.
  • Delivers context-sensitive instructions that can be toggled on and off for different technician experience levels.

Error-Proof Operation

  • The easy-to-read touchscreen promotes proper balancing techniques for lightning-fast floor-to-floor times.
  • Speeds up the balancing process and provides on-screen step-by-step instructions and training to ensure more one-spin balances.
  • Virtually anyone is an instant technician with the Coats® touchscreen.

ProBalance Technology™

  • Calculates precise corrective weight amounts and placement locations to PREVENT undesirable residuals.
  • Reduces 80% of unbalance-related comebacks.
  • When weight round-off scenarios or operator weight-placement errors interfere, offers a fast, single-step correction to ensure a performance balance, the first time, every time.

Direct Drive

  • Vero Series'™ Direct Drive system integrates the balancer's robust motor and spindle into a single, factory pre-balanced assembly with ZERO noise.
  • Zeros always mean balanced.

Laser Guided Operation®

  • Pinpoints the exact weight location, both radially and axially.
  • Eliminates trial and error.
  • Facilitates easy behind-the-spoke balances.

Automatic Data Entry

The V200-3D offers automatic data on all three parameters: distance, diameter, and width. Eliminates opportunity for technician error and speeds balancing process.

Stop, Lock & Index

  • Automatically positions the wheel at the weight placement location.
  • Locks spindle in place for easy, accurate weight application.
  • Delivers faster floor-to-floor times.
V200 Product Brochure
V200 Product Brochure.pdf
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V200 Operation Manual
V200 Operation Manual.pdf
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V200 Parts Manual
V200 Parts Manual.pdf
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