Challenger Battery Lift Tables

Challenger BT3000

Used to facilitate and safely perform the installation and removal of EV batteries, electric car battery packs, transmissions, gearboxes, clutches, engines and various components of the car chassis.

Challenger BT3300

The BT3300 features a pallet-jack handle, providing low rolling resistance and exceptional maneuverability around the shop. 6º of angle adjustment allows for more precise alignment of high-voltage batteries, engines, drivetrains, rear differentials, fuel tanks, and more.

Standard equipped with a simple pendant control, the easy-to-operate BT3300’s rise height is over 76″. It supports 3,300 lbs., allowing you to service most batteries in today’s EVs. Fastener holes every 4″ in the top surface accommodate various OEM adapters. The side-shift feature lets the table move side-to-side to help your technicians install and remove batteries faster.

This lift table will help your shop and technicians prepare for the future of electric vehicle service.