Frequently Asked Questions - Lifts

  • The two most popular types of lifts we sell are 2 Post Lifts and 4 Post Lifts:
    • Typically 2 Post Lifts are recommended when doing serious mechanical work is the end goal. By lifting the vehicle by the frame the wheels are no longer supporting the weight of the vehicle and the underbody will be 100% accessible while the lift is in the air.
    • Typically 4 Post Lifts are recommended when looking for more room in your garage and want to “stack” vehicles for storage. 4 Post Lifts make storage easier as the vehicle does not have to be “racked” every time it is lifted. Since 4 Post Lifts have runways rather than arms, you simply drive the vehicle up the ramps and onto the runways in order to prepare for lifting. While this does lead to making it easier to lift the vehicle, the downside is that the weight of the vehicle is still supported by the wheels and tires. In order to do any maintenance/repairs on the wheels, tires, and/or brakes additional rolling jacks will be required.

This is going to be dependent on the types of vehicles you intend on lifting. The standard lift capacity is 10,000lbs and will be plenty of capacity for lifting most passenger cars and even some lighter trucks. As you go up in weight capacity it can be difficult to lift smaller vehicles as the arms on higher capacity lifts tend to get larger and ground clearance can be an issue. Also keep in mind that the closer the vehicle is to the maximum capacity of the lift the more strain is put on the entire assembly (arms, cables, pulleys, slide blocks, etc.). If you plan on lifting 9,000lb trucks every day a 10,000lb lift technically will be able to do that, but for longevity of the equipment we would recommend upgrading to a 12,000lb+ lift to ensure the lift will last as long as expected.

Lift prices vary greatly depending on style, lifting capacity, country of origin, and intended use. Generally 2 Post lifts start at $4000 – $5000 and can be upwards of $15,000 based on the factors previously listed. 4 Post Lifts generally start at around $5000 and can exceed $25,000 based on size and accessories. This pricing does not include delivery/install/tax. Fully understanding your application will ensure that the correct type of lift is purchased will allow you to maximize your budget.

Generally all lifts require 220V/1PH power on a dedicated 30A circuit. Some smaller 4 Post Lifts are available in 110V options for home installations. Higher voltage options for more industrial applications are available depending on the type of lift.

  • Standard 2 Post Lifts will require at least 12’ of clearance to the nearest obstruction (lights, garage door, garage door opener, support beams, plumbing, etc.). Typically the higher the capacity of the lift the more ceiling height required.
  • 4 Post Home Storage Lifts ceiling height requirement will depend on the type of vehicles you plan on stacking since the lifts do not have to be raised to full rise height. Recommended minimum ceiling height required for storing cars is the height of both vehicles + 12 inches. This will allow for plenty of clearance underneath the vehicle as well as enough buffer in order to release the locks before lowering your vehicle.

  • Generally speaking the larger the capacity of the lift the larger the bay will need to be in order to accommodate. A standard 10,000lb 2 Post Lift will require at least 12’ Vertical clearance, 24’ bay depth, and 12’ bay width. These are minimum recommended dimensions – more space is always better!
  • 4 Post Lifts will be driven by the specific model of lift you are looking to purchase. As a rule of thumb we always recommend at least 2’ of clearance around the lift (depth and width) to ensure adequate space to access the vehicle from all sides.

Absolutely! Installation prices are not included with the price of the lift – if you feel you are up to the task of safely installing your lift yourself that is definitely a viable option. See the “How do I receive my lift” section below for more information on logistics.

Here at Northcoast Equipment we take all of the guesswork and uncertainty out of the logistics of purchasing a lift. If you are having us install your lift delivery is included in the installation price. We will receive the lift (if we don’t already have one in stock) at our warehouse in Berea, OH and will bring the lift with us on your installation date.

If you prefer to install the lift yourself we can either have the lift shipped directly to you (forklift required), we can have the lift shipped to our warehouse in Berea for pickup (trailer and ratchet straps required), or we can deliver the lift to your location for a delivery fee (fee calculated based on distance from our warehouse).

Our payment procedures make purchasing a lift a breeze. If the lift you order is a commonly stocked item no deposit is required and full payment will be due at time of install/pickup. If your lift is a special order item a non-refundable $500 deposit will be required to get your lift on order. This deposit will be credited towards the balance of your order – the remaining balance will be due at time of install/pickup.

Yes! Both business financing and consumer financing is now available for all our customers. Click the financing tab above for more information and to apply directly online. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions regarding this process.

Absolutely! Training is included with our professional installation services. Our expert installation technicians will walk you through safe operation of your lift once the installation is complete. They will show you how to properly rack your vehicle on your new lift and ensure you are comfortable with operation. While any tool in your garage can be dangerous, lifts are exceptionally safe when used properly.

Additionally, the Automotive Lift Institute offers an affordable online “Lift It Right” course that we highly recommend for more inexperienced users. More information can be found at

Every make/model of lift has different maintenance requirements recommended by the manufacturer. Consult your owners manual for more information on maintenance requirements and intervals. 

We also offer annual maintenance/inspections at a competitive rate to help ensure that your lift is always safe for operation. These prices vary based on your location and type of lift – call us today for more information.

Our service territory extends from Marion, OH north to Lake Erie and east to the Pennsylvania border:

Is buying an ALI Certified Lift important?

Ensuring you purchase an ALI certified lift is probably the most important part of purchasing and automotive lift. ALI is an acronym for the Automotive Lift Institute – the Automotive Lift Institute is a third party organization that rigorously verifies that an Automotive Lift is not only capable of doing what is as advertised as being able to do, but also ensures that certain elements are designed into the lift to ensure the safest operation (ie. backup safety locks, overhead shut off bars, etc).

Whether you end up purchasing your lift from us or not it is critically important that you purchase an ALI certified lift – your safety is counting on it! ALI certification is so important to us that it is against our company policy to install non-ALI certified lifts.